Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Traditions

This year, our Christmas day was different than usual.  It was just us.  Just the three of us, at home, by ourselves.  And we loved it!
It was one of the best Christmases we've ever had.
There was nowhere to rush off to.  We didn't have to rush through opening presents.
It was so nice and relaxing, and awesome just spending time with each other, enjoying our little family.

 Jaymi woke up at 8:00 am (after, according to her, waking up every hour all night and looking at the clock each time) and knocked at our bedroom door.
While she waited for us to be ready to open stockings, she brushed her hair...

...and watched the fake fire on the tv (a Christmas tradition now) and enjoyed the Christmas music.

We always pose for a family photo first, with our Santa hats on and our Christmas pjs.
This time, we even got one of the cats (Cookie) in the picture!

 And this year, Jaymi insisted on getting a silly picture, with our funny hats as well.
Mark with his "Dopey" hat, Jaymi with her christmas tree hat, and me with my extra-long Santa hat.

Cookie had some more fun, crawling into the garbage bag that we had ready for wrapping paper.

Ok...all ready to open up these stockings!

One of our favourite traditions - a chocolate orange in the stockings.  Everyone gets a real mandarin orange and a chocolate orange.

They both go through electrical tape like crazy, around here, so they were happy to get a roll, each.


A tiny golden princess :) 

And then, we headed downstairs where we ate breakfast (a torturous tradition from my family, when the parents insist on breakfast before presents).
Then Jaymi waited....

And FiNALLY got to open up presents!

A cat ballerina shirt for Jaymi.

Carpenter pencils for Mark.

Jaymi's present to Mark (she paid with her birthday money!) - a remote control Corvette.


A dance bag for Jaymi, and a ballet card game too.

Drill bits for Mark,

A VeggieTales movie for Jaymi.

A golf book for Mark, from Jaymi.

A Cinderella set for Jaymi.

Jaymi and I made a rice bag for Mark, that he can heat up in the microwave and use on sore muscles, or for headaches.

Sparkly shoes for Jaymi.

A cute, tiny stuffed kitten for Jaymi.

 Funny straw glasses :)

And Zhu Zhu pets and accessories - hours of fun!

 Mark and I made a fantastic turkey dinner, and Jaymi even helped a bit.
Well, we forced her to pull the giblets out of the turkey.
She wasn't thrilled.

We had a wonderful, family Christmas, and we have spent a few days since, just hanging around, playing with our toys and having fun!

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