Sunday, December 12, 2010

5 Flights and an Alligator

Jaymi loves to fly, and was thrilled with the opportunity to fly 5 times last month.
On one flight, the crew even let her and her cousin see the cockpit, after the flight.

Jaymi's favourite thing about the airport (when they have it) is the conveyor belt that you can walk on as you're walking through the larger airports.
She calls it the "walkalator" (instead of "escalator").

It was very cool to see palm trees everywhere, and to enjoy the nice weather in Orlando.

And see the local wildlife.

And of course, enjoying the pools at our resort.

She also had a fantastic time with her grandparents, aunt, and cousin.

We got to do the coolest thing, while in Orlando.
There is a Gatorland presentation once a week, at the condo we were at, where this man brings two wild alligators (with their mouths taped up) to show everyone.  He had lots of interesting facts for us and at the end, we got to hold an alligator!

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