Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fun Things To Do in the Summer - the first 24

I haven't posted in such a long time, on my blog, because there is just a lot going on in my life and I haven't had the chance.
I'm trying to get back to posting, so here is my first post in months.

In between lots of working, I have been trying to do fun stuff with Jaymi, to enjoy the summer.
We decided to make a list of.....


1. Picnics with friends.

2. Baking.

3. Canada Day celebrations.

4. Cube Crafts.

5. Lemonade.

6. Face paint.

7.  Seeing school friends in the middle of the summer.

8. Slip and Slide!

9.  Helping someone learn to swim.

10. Jumping into the pool for the first time.

11.   Swimming in the pool.  All day.  All the time.

12. Spending time with family.

13.  Reading new books.

14. Roasting marshmallows (especially in your p.j.'s).

15. Eating watermelon.

16.  Learning how to do new skills in the pool.

17.  Being in a parade.

18.   Library Summer Reading Club!

19.  Camping.

20.  Rolling down a hill.

21. Playing UNO.

22. Sprinkler fun.

23. Getting wet.  A lot.

24. Lots of friends.