Monday, December 13, 2010

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was full of fun things to see and do, and lots of unique animals around.


There was a petting zoo with goats and sheep there.
Jaymi wasn't very interested, because we have one here at home that we visit whenever we want to.
My niece and my sister like it, though. :)

My sister even got up close and personal with one of the goats. LOL ;)

We took a safari ride through various areas, to see some really cool animals! 

And we saw the Tree of Life - very cool carvings.

And an upside-down tree - I've never seen that before.  I believe the tour guide guy said that it was an Australian tree.

Jaymi's favourite ride was the roller coaster called Everest Expedition.
It was probably the highest ride there, with an incredible view as far as you could see when you were at the top, looking out, and then it stopped unexpectedly, then rushed backwards in the dark (doing a couple of upside loops in the darkness), stopped again, then rushed forward emerging from a tunnel only to hurtle straight down a steep slope.
It was awesome! 

I had a blast going on as many rides with Jaymi as I could.  
Good thing I love rides!

Jaymi and her cousin had a fun time together, as usual. 

They got to do a Scavenger Hunt.

This picture was taken in front of the fake Mount Everest that was there.
You can see the roller coaster entering the mountain at the left, and coming out of the tunnel as well!

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