Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Favourite Things - Yours and Mine :)

I'm taking a break from posting my Disney World photos, to acknowledge that we are actually weeks past our Disney vacation and very much into a lot of fun, Christmas activities around our house.

My favourite holiday is Christmas.  Partly because it seems to make people nicer, and happier (many people, that is).  Also because it is the only holiday that you can celebrate for an entire month.  The other holidays just don't seem worth it sometimes, because they are only one day, or one weekend.

So, here is a fun list of my favourite things at Christmas time.  I would love to hear from you as well - please leave a comment at the end of this post, telling me your favourite things about Christmas!

  1. Christmas song:  Oh, Holy Night - I love this song!
  2. Tradition:  I have so many traditions that I love.  Every Christmas morning when I was growing up, my mom, sister, and I would sit on my parent's bed with our stockings while my dad set the camera timer, and then rushed over, jumped on the bed just in time for the shutter to click.  I love that we do the exact same tradition at our house, with my husband, my daughter, and myself.  I also love that every year we have an Advent calendar with a different nut inside (my daughter loves to see which nut she will get every day).  She also comes down the stairs every morning, resets the wooden cube calendar to the correct countdown number to Christmas day, presses the singing Santa so he says his "Ho, Ho, Ho" thing, and immediately goes over to the Advent calendar.  I could go on....I love Christmas traditions.  
  3. Gift to give:  I like to find gifts that the receiver really likes.  I mean, the kind that are absolutely perfect for that person.  The kind where you see it in the store and you just know that it's perfect for that person.
  4. Gift to receive:  I don't know - anything, I guess. 
  5. Christmas movie:  I don't really have one.
  6. Christmas cartoon:  I want to show Jaymi that old Rudolph movie this year. 
  7. Christmas book for children: I don't have a favourite.    
  8. Christmas dessert:  My favourite dessert is always apple crisp/crumble or some fruit dessert like that, no matter what the holiday is.  I don't like extra-sweet desserts.
  9. Christmas cookie: Gingerbread molasses cookies.  
  10. Ornament:  We like our tree to be simple.  Mostly just coloured ball ornaments.  Jaymi's little tree (she has a tiny fake tree in her room) has all of the other ornaments that she likes on it - an eclectic mix.  This year we made a family set of ornaments.  Three (one each) plastic ball ornaments to hang on the tree.  Each of us made one, and I love that they are all so different from each other.  We opened up the top of the ornament and put paint in, swirled it around, and they look so cool!
What are your favorite Christmas time things?  Cut and paste and post your list, or make up your own categories for a post, or just leave me a comment!

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