Saturday, February 5, 2011

Orange Belt!

Jaymi earned her orange belt in taekwon-do this week!

Her last day at taekwon-do (because of surgery) was awesome.  She had a belt test, and was awarded her 3rd belt.  Orange.  She is now officially past the beginner stage (of white and yellow belts) and into Level 1.  She is thrilled.

 She also received a bunch of awards.  Lots of kids got awards, but her name kept being called....and called....and called again!

 And finally, at the end of the class, the staff got together and gave her a 'get well soon' gift and told her how much they would miss her.
They gave her a kicking target, a stuffed kitten, and a card.
We took a picture of her with the main people at the school, so that she can look at it and stay motivated to come back when she has recovered.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Skating Field Trip

Jaymi was lucky enough to participate in one of two skating field trip for her school, a couple of days ago.
She's going to miss a field trip to the museum and another skating trip, but she had a lot of fun skating with her friends this week.