Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Behind the Scenes at the museum

On the last day before school started this week, I took Jaymi to our local museum, where they were having their annual week where you could experience all that the museum has to offer, for whatever amount you are willing to donate.

Right now there is an exhibit called "Behind the Scenes" where there was a lot of hands-on stuff for kids to do, tons of animals, and information about how the museum collects and processes their information, etc..

Jaymi was thrilled to find a bat display.  She has recently become interested in bats.

There were so many different types of animals to see, that we have never seen in person.

 Different types of birds...

A huge amount of bugs....

Ocean creatures...

A giant turtle shell.....

An interactive play area for kids, where they could dress up as various animals,

play a maze game about animal habitats,

play a memory game,

There were x-rays to look at....

and find out how much they weigh compared to various animals.

 There were microscopes everywhere, focused on insects, plants, etc..

One section that every little kid loves...the animal poo section.  LOL ;)

 One of the cool things that we always look at, is the collections of items from different decades.  I love showing Jaymi the 80s/90s decade.

And of course, the main exhibit that is always at the museum, is the one where you get to see local wildlife in B.C., as well as learn about aboriginal culture, local agriculture, and B.C. history.

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