Saturday, December 11, 2010

Disney World!!

Thanks to my mom, we were lucky enough to have a fantastic vacation visiting my family in Ontario, and then going (with my sister and her family) to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, this month!!
It was an amazing trip for all of us, especially for Jaymi.  She has been interested in princesses this year, and her favourite above all, is Snow White.
She really wanted to meet Snow White and she did.
3 times.
And she surprised me by going on ALL of the rides.  Yep, ALL of them.  Even the scary, in the dark, backwards, going upside-down, fast rides.  She loved them!
Her favourite was the Tower of Terror and the Everest Expedition.

We went to four parks - Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot Centre, and Hollywood Studios.
We also stayed on our resort for a full day, enjoying the pool and family.

Mark couldn't come along with us, because our store couldn't be left for that long, even though we have an excellent manager.  It's a good thing, too, because a few things came up that he had to be there for, like the oven breaking (kind of a major thing, eh?).

Anyway, there are tons of pictures that I have to show you, but I'll spread them out over the next week or so.

I'll start with these first few pictures, from our visiting time in Ontario.

We took a total of 5 flights on our trip, including one from Victoria to Vancouver, one from Vancouver to Toronto, from Toronto to Orlando, Orlando back to Toronto, and finally, from Toronto to Victoria.

Jaymi loves to fly and so do I, and she is such a great traveller, that we don't mind all of the flights.  Especially the first one, which was a smaller plane (15 minutes in the air) to Vancouver.

I surprised Jaymi when we were in Vancouver for a 5-HOUR layover, by taking the Sky Train to meet up with her favourite camp counsellor at Camp Qwanoes, Sarah.
She was thrilled to meet up for breakfast with her!

At my mom's house in Ontario, we had some relaxing fun visiting with family and enjoying the nice weather they had there (at the beginning of our trip, anyway).

Jaymi got to choose something from Ontario that I bought her, and she chose a very pretty dress with a matching doll dress (which we squeezed her stuffie cat into).

We had the chance to bowl a few games, which Jaymi hasn't done in a long time.

One of Jaymi's dreams for a long time now, has been to go on a Ferris Wheel.  Although this indoor one was a smaller version, she was thrilled and thought it wasn't small at all.

We also got to go on lots of other rides at this indoor fair, like bumper cars,

a carousel,

 roller coasters,

spinny rides,

big slides,

spinny rides,

 and little trains.

We spent about 5 full days in Ontario before flying off to Florida.

When my mom surprised Jaymi and her cousin with the news that we were going to something really fun while we were visiting, she asked them the question, "What really fun thing would you like to do?" and they gave us answers we weren't quite expecting.

Jaymi - "teeter-totter!"
Her cousin - "eating!"

As I said to my mom, they would have been happy with almost anything, never mind Disney World!

Anyway, tomorrow or the next day, I will post the first set of pictures from Disney World.


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  1. Looks like you all had a great time! Nice pictures & good times.
    ~ M. Pink