Monday, January 17, 2011

Dressup, breadmaking, and a new haircut!

Jaymi has had a major dressup phase going on lately.
She has always been into dressing up, but lately her imagination has been in overdrive. LOL ;)
Her most interesting idea recently, was when she spent a few days pretending to be a bat.  She made her own bat wings out of construction paper at first, but they didn't work out quite the way she wanted them to.  When I told her that I had an idea of how to make a bat costume out of a black garbage bag, she was excited.
This was the result.

It was her idea to take an old black toque of Mark's (with his permission) pull it down over her face and cut holes in it for her eyes.

She kept going to the couch, or wherever, and would just hang out upside down for a while.

And of course, her favourite dressup costume is her Snow White costume.
She loves to pretend to be a princess, especially Snow White (and Cinderella).

She even had a storytime with her 'forest animal friends'. :)

And she loves to act out the part of Snow White, where she eats the poisonous apple and immediately drops dead.  (She likes to do apple bobbing first, and then when she bites into the poison can see what happens.)

She was awesome at making that bread recipe that I just posted.  She made a whole loaf of artisan-style bread all by herself.  The only thing I did was to put it in the oven and take it out.

And the big news of last week is....Jaymi got a haircut!
Not just a regular haircut.  A short one.
She has been asking us if she could have her hair short (above her chin) for months and months now.
We have made her wait for a long time.  Partly because we hoped she might change her mind, and partly because she does change her mind about things so much, and we wanted to teach her that she needs to be sure before doing something like that, as well as patience.
She hasn't wavered from the desire to have short hair, and although it was pure torture for her to wait that long, we finally decided on a date to get her hair cut.
And she absolutely LOVES it!

Here is the BEFORE and AFTER picture that I took:

 Although we weren't thrilled about the idea, it does look pretty cute, I think.

She loves the little pigtails that she can try out now.

And it looks great with her glasses on too.

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