Sunday, January 23, 2011

Master Club

At the end of last year, Jaymi was invited to join the Master Club in her Tae-kwon-do school.  She has attended almost every class she possibly can in the last few months, has excelled in tae-kwon-do, has improved and worked so hard at it, and they recognize effort and motivation like hers.  So we had a meeting in December, with the head of the school, and she is now in the Master Club.

What does that mean?

Well, the most obvious part is the new black uniform she gets to wear.  It is a visual significance for her.  A way of visualizing her motivation and her goals in tae-kwon-do, and therefore making them happen. (It just happens that this month's theme is "vision" and they spend a lot of time discussing how to visualize yourself completing your goals, in order to achieve them.) 
She is so proud to have the new uniform.

It also means access to extra classes.  Master Club classes.  Classes that are longer, that teach more specific details about the techniques used.  Classes that are geared toward the kids who are more serious about staying in tae-kwon-do.  Only Master Club members can attend these classes.

It means weapons training and sparring training.  She doesn't begin the sparring yet, but she has started the weapons training.  She had the chance last week to attend her first master club class and she learned a few forms with the wooden sticks.  I realized then, that the weapons training is fantastic for memory and co-ordination.

It also means she gets pushed a bit further in those classes.  They started off the Master Club class last week, with 120 jumping jacks!  Wow.  I can't believe she did it.  The most they start with in the regular class is 50 or 60 jumping jacks.

Here are a few videos of Jaymi in her Master Club class.

Doing some kicks...

and some punches...

learning how to use the sticks...

and doing some one-on-one sparring with a pool noodle - fun!
I was so proud of her as she held her own!

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