Monday, January 10, 2011

Brain Surgery Again

Most of you know about our big news, but a few of you still don't know.  And I can blog about it now, because Jaymi officially knows, herself.

When Jaymi was 6 years old, she began to get headaches.  These headaches gradually worsened, and eventually she began to have more and more symptoms.  All of the tests she had, turned up nothing, until June 1st, 2009.  That was the day that we found out she had a brain tumour.
It is called a pilocyctic astrocytoma, and it is in her cerebellum, and also wrapped around her brain stem.
She had emergency brain surgery June 3rd, and has spent the last year and a half recovering very well.

Here is the original story that I wrote about.

Since then, she has had regular MRI scans, to keep an eye on the piece of tumour that the surgeons had to leave in her brain.
In June of 2010, we found out that that piece had started to grow again.  Not enough to need surgery or worry much, but enough to schedule an MRI a bit sooner than they had anticipated.
In December 2010, at her next MRI, we found out that it had continued to grow, and at a quicker rate than they had thought it would.
The result is, that she needs to go in for another operation.  The same as last time.
Jaymi's neurosurgeon is hopeful that he can get more of it this time...maybe even all of it.
We are presently awaiting a date for her surgery, but it will be within the next 5 or 6 weeks.

It is frustrating to go backwards, to do this all over.  And it is scary, of course, to be going through a risky operation on our now-8-year-old daughter.
But we have a lot of people praying for her, and we are hopeful that the doctor can get more of the tumour with this surgery.

Jaymi said a prayer last night, that the doctor does a good job with her surgery, and takes care of her through it, and gets the whole tumour out.
She added, "please, please, please, please, please, please.....".
Then she added, "a dozen pleases".
And lastly, "no - a BAKER's dozen.  That's one better!"

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