Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Taekwondo News

We went Clark's Taekwondo's annual awards ceremony recently.  It was a lot of fun, seeing everyone (all dressed up) and having dinner at a Chinese restaurant downtown.

And.....congratulate us!  Jaymi and I both earned new belts at the beginning of the month.
I earned my orange belt, which puts me into Level 1.
And Jaymi earned her high red belt (red with a white stripe), which she is very proud of!

Here I am with one of my taekwondo friends, who earned her orange belt along with me.

Here are Olivia and Jaymi.  Olivia is just one belt behind Jaymi, and they always belt test together.
Olivia is excited to be in Level 2, along with Jaymi.

And here are Jaymi and I, with our brand new belts.

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