Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Days!

So, here in Victoria, it doesn't snow much.  Our winters are mild, rarely dipping below 0 degrees Celsius for long, and we get one snow per winter...maybe two.  The snow typically doesn't last long either, which is why you'll find all of the children rushing out to play it in it in case it disappears by lunchtime, or the next day.

Jaymi has been praying for snow for months.
This week she got the answer to her prayer.
It snowed overnight and she was thrilled.
She immediately showed Socks the snow (it's his first snow!)  He doesn't like the feeling on his paws, and just wanted to get back inside.

So Jaymi had fun playing in the snow.
Sledding especially - we have a great little hill in our backyard, and she had so much fun sledding over and over and over again.

Of course, making snow angels was important - she made tons (and so did I!)

I tried to get some nice winter pictures of her.
And Mark was nice enough to take a photo of Jaymi and I - I love this one!

So the next night it snowed waaaay more and ended up being a snow day for us.
Some schools were open (some closed partway through the day), many buses weren't running, and we definitely couldn't get down our hill (or back up), so we had a fun snow day at home.

We started the day with fun pancakes - I made a cat one for Jaymi,

...and a bunch of snowflake pancakes too.

And some random shapes as well.

Then we made some homemade hot chocolate instant mix, carrot muffins, and other stuff, and headed outside to play in the snow.
The very deep snow!

I'm so glad that Jaymi got to do the fun stuff that every kid wants to do in the snow.

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