Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Newest Addition :)

So, recently we got a new addition to our family. 

It's our new kitten Socks.  Jaymi found him at Bosley's Pet Store among a bunch of teeny little rescue kittens.  He was 9 weeks old and is from an organization that rescues cats and kittens, and offers them up for adoption.

He is adorable, and playful, and Jaymi named him Socks - for obvious reasons (his white paws).

In the past year, Jaymi has become so understanding and loving towards our other cats, especially Cookie.  She has been incredibly gentle and caring with Cookie.  She has put a lot of time and effort towards trying to train Cookie, and she is constantly reading up on cats, learning how to read their body language, learning about how to carry a cat properly, and learning what is good and bad for them.

We knew that this was now the perfect time to get Jaymi 'her own' cat. 


This kitten is her responsibility (that was actually her idea).  She deals with the litter all by herself, she refreshes his water, she tops up his dry food and feeds him wet food twice a day.  She also spends time training him and playing with him.  

She is amazing with him!  Even when she goes somewhere (like Gramma's house overnight) she writes instructions out and assigns someone to his care while she is gone.

She has really bonded with this kitten too. 

They sleep together every night.  He sleeps on her bed, curled up against her.  It's so cute!

She gives him little sponge baths (one of them was a bit too much water!),


she held him tight while the vet gave him a vaccination,

and she has learned (with Mark) how to clip his claws.

He is growing fast and is now 16 weeks old, and as cute as ever.


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